Striker Sailing Yachts

 Aluminum and Steel from 25 to 85 meters.
The Striker Yacht Corporation is pleased to announce an addition to our product line: Sailing yachts of uncompromising quality with wide design flexibility. Many yachtbuilders build motor yachts of various designs, but not all can build sailing yachts. Not only does a sailing vessel significantly heel or ‘tip’ to both starboard and port, but her hull must do much more than simply look good while keeping the water on the outside. A sailing ship’s hull is also a very carefully designed brace against which the rigging is tensioned or ‘tuned’ for maximum performance under sail. For this reason the design and construction of the hull is every bit as important as the size and cut of the sails. .


Once the hull design is chosen, many other design considerations must be brought to the table in order to meet the owner’s needs:

The keel. This counterweight gives stability and balance under sail, and although there are many fixed keel designs to choose from, there is another wonderful option: Striker offers a moveable keel, which may be raised or lowered to allow for entering shallow harbors otherwise inaccessible to deep draft vessels, yet still maintains maximum performance while sailing.

Auxiliary propulsion. The engine of a sailboat is called an ‘auxiliary’ because the sails and rigging are considered to be the primary motive device. This term is rather old and outdated, though, as today’s sailing yachts may be fitted with one or more engines to allow for maneuverability in port and also the ability to move around at sea in search of wind worth sailing in! Modern diesel engines are quiet and efficient, and may be fitted with variable pitch propellers to aid in increasing fuel efficiency while motor sailing in light winds. For additional maneuverability in tight quarters and perhaps even get-home backup, there are a wide variety of bow propeller systems to choose from.

Rigging and sails. There a many, many different configurations to choose from depending on the design and intended use of the finished yacht. As might be expected, Striker uses only the finest aluminum to construct our masts, and we offer a choice of winches and other tackle. It is possible to have a completely traditional, manual winch arrangement, a pushbutton operated hydraulic winch system, or even a joystick controlled system with all winches hidden below deck. Some sailors stow their unused or spare sails below in the bilge, and this is one reason you will find all frame flanges have been machined to have rounded edges. This not only helps avoid torn sails, but also torn crew as they navigate the storage spaces below.

Systems. These include all the above, but everything else on the sailing yacht must be installed keeping in mind the fact that she will heel up to 35 degrees in either direction while sailing normally. This means that methods of fastening heavy items like engines and refrigerators must be well thought out. Unlike stabilized motoryacht hulls, we must also consider the orientation of drawers and other furniture, as well as make provisions for shower, sink, and air conditioning drains to work equally well on either tack or in harbor

Interior.  Now that we have planned and designed all the above to work reliably at sea, we set to work on the part of the yacht usually of most interest to her owner. It goes almost without saying that the owner appreciates a well designed and functioning yacht, and here at Striker, we agree and feel that the interior is simply another part of that whole. We offer owners our ability to build and install the interior of their dreams (and their interior designer’s execution) to the highest standards of fit and finish. We also offer interior design services in-house from some of the top names in the field.
Here at Striker Yacht Corporation, we have put forth great effort to assemble a close-knit group of yachting professionals and marine craftsmen in order to assure owners the greatest confidence in the projects they undertake with us. It is our mission to build the finest yachts seen at sea or in harbor, and we are proud to offer sailing yachts in that portfolio. Given our long history of building the finest sportfishing yachts in the world, we will even quite happily install a fighting chair for those discerning owners who might wish to fish under sail! Please contact us when you are ready to build your dream yacht.


John R. Conley
General Manager
Sailing Yacht Representative
Senior Project Manager
Phone: +1 954 684 8973