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    Due in large part to our association with Sedef Shipbuilding, Striker can meet the shipbuilding needs of our clients.  We can build all sizes of steel ships, either commercial or military, up to 457 meters (1500 ft) in length. Whether a tanker, freighter,  container ship, bulk carrier, chemical tankers, cargo ship or auto/passenger ferry. We are able to offer all types of surface naval vessels, as well as conversion and refit/repair projects



Striker’s Home for Yacht & Shipbuilding, Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey



Additionally, we can offer conversion projects, whereby the main concept of the project is to build a power plant in an existing dry cargo ship which is capable for ocean going sailing and take the advantages of having a movable (self-propelled) power plant to be able to sail to any place in the world to supply electrical power. The ships are to be hand (ab. 45000DWT) and panama (ab. 75000DWT) size vessels. Power generation capabilities are about from 100mW to 200mW respectively. Diesel driven power generation sets, transformers and all necessary main and auxiliary systems for a power plant are to be installed into the holds of the ships. Besides the ships’ all facilities are kept in order to perform a safe sail at sea

Striker, through our association with Sedef Shipyard, operates one of the biggest private shipyards in Turkey, based on a site with a total area of 272.750 square meters, where it constructs all types of new building vessels, industrial projects and conducts repair and conversion works. In the heart of Turkey’s shipbuilding industry, in Tuzla, we are leading the shipbuilding industry in the region by using the best know-how and state of the art technologies and by having the advantage of its location surrounded by all major transportation facilities.

This is one of the first Striker 70' Class Sport-Fishing Yachts introduced in 1978. She like other Strikers have roamed the oceans of the world, in search of Giant Tuna, Blue and Black Marlin. Strikers are built to take you in sea conditions others would not dare to ply. Strikers for the most part we're built in shipyards around the world. A true ship in her own right, but clothed as a luxurious yacht. There is nothing like a Striker. Just ask the man that owns one.

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